Treasury Group


  • Fixed income brokering is when PCCI acts as an intermediary for retail and corporate clients to access the local bond market.
  • Treasury’s salespersons adhere to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.
  • All transactions with clients comply with best execution standards. 
Job Openings

Financial Analyst / Loans Assistant

Duties and Responsibilies:

  • Prepares comprehensive credit evaluation and analysis reports (whether account development or re-evaluation), assessing the viability of accounts as possible lending or investment outlets of PCCI managed funds;
  • Acts as support “Account Officer” (AO) of accounts reviewed/ evaluated by constantly monitoring major market and/ or industry developments that might have an impact on the said accounts;
  • Always be up-dated on news broadcasts and information that have relevance to the Group’s research and credit review/ evaluation and to the Company (PCCI) as a whole and its valued clients;
  • Establish appropriate business contacts with client companies, government agencies and other institutions;
  • Prepares documents related to the credit facility/ies extended to borrowers.
  • Ensures documentation requirements are complete.
  • Monitors loan availments of accounts vis-à-vis credit facility granted;
  • Performs other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.


Minimum Education

BS Business Management / AB Economics / Management Engineering / Accounting

Minimum Experience

At least 3 years experience as Credit/Financial Analyst in a financial institution. Experience in loan documentation is a plus.


Other Fiduciary Services

Trust/agency agreements wherein PCCI TIG may act as the depository of the assets and properties of the client and shall manage the same in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

  • Facility / Loan Agency
  • Paying Agency
  • Escrow
  • Mortgage Trust Indenture
  • Safekeeping

Agency Services

A relationship wherein PCCI TIG (Agent) binds itself to render asset management services in representation or on behalf of the client (Principal), with the consent or authority of the latter. PCCI TIG as the agent does not hold legal title to the asset as it remains with the principal.

  • Institutional Agency Account
  • Individual Agency Account


Trust and Investment

A fiduciary relationship wherein legal title to funds and/or properties of the trustor is transferred to the trustee (PCCI TIG), subject to an equitable obligation of the trustee to administer, hold and manage such funds and/or properties for the use, benefit or advantage of the trustor or other designated beneficiaries.

  • Employee Benefit Trust
  • Personal Management Trust
Treasury Group

Money Market

  • The money markets enable certain corporations or high net-worth individuals that have excess cash positions to provide liquidity to counterparts who require short-term funding.
  • PCCI is empowered to act as an intermediary in the money markets through its credentials as an Investment House.