January 26, 2021

Duties and Responsibilies:

  1. Introduce Philippine Commercial Capital, Inc. as a company and the products and services to existing and prospective clients through effective marketing calls.
  2. Prepare marketing proposal to offer Treasury, IBG and TIG products.
  3. Expand market reach, relationships with counterparties, and tap clients that we don’t currently deal or have line with (Insurance Companies, Trust Departments, Corporate accounts, Religious accounts, and high net worth individuals).
  4. Assist the Group Head in other functions that the management might require.
  5. Ensure that product manuals related to fixed income market, money market and process flow are updated.
  6. Ensure that the institution is updated with regards to market developments related to fixed income trading and brokerage
  7. Initiate marketing calls to prospective clients and be able to contribute to the different product lines/services of PCCI namely fixed income securities, IBG products, TIG products, and other products/facilities that we may be able to offer to clients
  8. Identify and recommend placement opportunities for new and existing clients.
  9. Responsible for keeping abreast with the developments in the market that might affect sourcing and generation of accounts
  10. Provides feedback from clients on the products and services being offered by Treasury, IBG and TIG


Minimum Education

BS Business Administration, Management, Marketing or Economics

Minimum Experience

3 years combined experience in Treasury Market or Trust Marketing

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January 27, 2021


    1. Oversees the preparation of materials needed for Corporate Meetings
      • Prepares notices
      • Distributes notices to all directors
      • Follows up, reviews and distributes for review Minutes of Committees and Board Meetings
      • Advises and follows-up payment of per diem of all directors
      • Arranges materials requisite to the Board Meetings
    2. Prepares Minutes of the Meeting for Top Team and Management Committee.
    3. Drafts/ Prepares Secretary’s Certificates/Board Resolutions, List of Stockholders, Directors & Officers as requested by various groups
    4. Prepares and submits mandatory Securities and Exchange Commission’s General Information Sheet (GIS)
    5. Prepares and submits SEC Form IHU/IHU-A within seven (7) working days after effect of change, if there’s any
    6. Prepares and submits the Biographical Data of PCCI Directors and Officers to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (twenty (20) days after election/appointment)
    7. Others:
      • Assists, prepares, collates and files the necessary materials and documents requisite to the amendments of the articles of incorporation and by-laws
    1. Prepares Legal Department’s expenses budget
    2. Custodian/depository of all contracts engaged by the company
    3. Custodian/depository of all Company manuals
    4. Keeps and maintains filing of legal opinions and documents reviewed by the Legal Officer


MINIMUM EDUCATION : Graduate of any business degree preferablyw/ some subjects in Corporate Law

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE : 1-4 years combined experience in Corporate secretarial work

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A. Financial Reporting

  1. Transactions Processing
    • Supervises the efficient day to day processing and servicing of products
    • Ensure the accurate, complete and timely processing of all transaction documents and covering receipts and disbursements
    • Ensures the accurate, complete and timely servicing of all transactions
      • Ensures the efficient management of bank balances
      • Oversees the accounting, custodianship and safekeeping of all accountable forms, documents and securities and other investment documents
      • Ensures the accurate, complete and timely receipt of billings and repricing letters by clients
      • Addresses other transactional related concerns
  2. Accounting Data and Records
    1. Oversees the maintenance of accurate and complete accounting data and records
    2. Ensures that general ledgers are supported by and reconciled with subsidiary ledgers and schedules
    3. Ensures reconciliation of intercompany accounts
    4. Ensures reasonableness of month-end balances
    5. Prepares analyses of accounts as deemed necessary
  3. Financial Reports
    1. Ensures accuracy, completeness and timeliness of reports to management and clients

B.    Statutory Reportorial Requirements

  • Ensures accuracy, completeness and timeliness of reports to BSP, SEC and remittance of taxes to BIR

C.    Audit of Books of Accounts by External Auditors and Regulatory Agencies

  • Facilitates in the audits including providing justification on company’s position on issues for their resolution
  • Ensures accuracy completeness and timeliness of financial reports resulting from audits

D.   Statutory and Internal Compliance

  • Ensures compliance with statutory requirements and company policies including financial reporting standards
  • Ensures resolution of findings and implementation of approved recommendations resulting from internal and external audits
  • Ensures that all updates on statutory reporting including new rulings are disseminated and implemented

E.    Others

  • Reviews Bank Reconciliation Statements; ensures that all reconciling items are properly adjusted in the bank controls and books
  • Process confirmation requests, queries and clarifications made by clients within reasonable time
  • Coordinates preparation of annual budget
  • Ensures completeness and accuracy of Group’s budget


MINIMUM EDUCATION: BS Accountancy; preferably CPA   

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE: 3 years experience as Accounting Supervisor

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January 28, 2021

Duties and Responsibilies:

  1. Undertake systems analysis and/or systems design and more complex programming tasks.
  2. Investigate and report on the application of new information technology and information technology techniques.
  3. Provide technical support to operational computer systems and networks.
  4. Evaluate and report on the operating efficiency of computer systems and communications systems.
  5. Liaise with users/clients and provide advice on a range of information technology problems.
  6. Supervise staff undertaking the development or maintenance of computer systems.


Minimum Education : BS Computer Science; BS Math

Minimum Experience : 5 years relevant work experience

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