Trust Operations Head

January 16, 2020

To ensure that Operations team assists in achieving the department’s goals by providing excellent services in the areas of operations, custody support and accounting while maximizing the team’s skills and potential to promote growth and camaraderie with minimal cost to the company.

Duties and Responsibilies:

  • Financial Reporting;
    1. Transaction Processing
      1. Supervises the efficient day to day processing and servicing of products
        1. Ensures the accurate, complete and timely processing of all transaction documents and covering receipts and disbursements
        2. Ensures the accurate, complete and timely servicing of all transactions
        3. Ensures the efficient management of bank balances
        4. Oversees the accounting, custodianship and safekeeping of all accountable forms, documents and securities and other investment documents
        5. Ensures the accurate, complete and timely receipt of billings and repricing letters by clients
        6. Addresses other transactional related concerns
    2. Accounting Data and Records
      1. Oversees the maintenance of accurate and complete accounting data and records
      2. Ensure that general ledgers are supported by and reconciled with subsidiary ledgers and schedules
      3. Ensures reconciliation of inter-company accounts
      4. Ensures reasonableness of month-end balances
      5. Prepares analyses of accounts as deemed necessary
    3. Financial Reports
      1. Ensures accuracy, completeness and timeliness of reports to management and clients
  • Statutory Reportorial Requirements;
    1. Prepares and ensures accuracy, completeness and timeliness of report to BSP, and remittance of taxes to BIR
  • Audit of Books of Accounts by External Auditors and Regulatory Agencies;
    1. Facilitates in the audits including providing justification on company’s position on issues for their resolution
    2. Ensures accuracy completeness and timeliness of financial reports resulting from audits
  • Statutory and Internal Compliance;
    1. Ensures compliance with statutory requirements and company policies including financial reporting standards
    2. Ensures resolution of findings and implementation of approved recommendations resulting from internal and external audits
    3. Ensures that all updates on statutory reporting including new rulings are disseminated and implemented
  • Others
    1. Reviews Bank Reconciliation Statements; ensures that all reconciling items are properly adjusted in the bank controls and books
    2. Process confirmation requests, queries and clarifications made by clients within reasonable time
    3. Monitor the location of all investments
    4. Ensures completeness and accuracy of Group’s budget


Minimum Education

4- year Business Course, preferably major in Accounting

Minimum Experience

3-4 years experience in the Operations Department of a financial institution.

Please send your resume to